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56 Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL, United States

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56 Skokie Valley Rd.
Highland Park, IL 60035

Chicago Office
1332 N. Halsted St., Ste 306,
Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: (847) 412-9898
Fax: (847) 412-0101

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Company Directory - (847) 412-9898

Gary Greenfield, Co-Founder, Principal
ext. 5001

Steven Baer, Co-Founder, Principal
ext. 5002

Robert Melsher, Principal
ext. 5014

Nathan Tonnies, Principal
ext. 5006

Jonathan Hyman, Senior Vice President
ext. 5015

Reuben Rischall, Senior Vice President
ext. 5003

Sharon Bar-Shalom, Senior Associate
ext. 5007

Hannah Perl, Associate
ext. 5009

Erica Osiecki, Marketing Director
ext. 5004

Deborah Metzner, Sr. VP of Administration
ext. 5008